About us


The mission of the International Foundation for Rural Development ( hereinafter the Foundation) is to provide an assistance to rural communities in their development and implementation of economic and social initiatives to improve the quality of life in rural areas, based on such principles of partnership as:
         • Everyone defines the problem;
         • Everyone is  involved in the investigation of the solution to the problem;
         • Everyone contributes to the solution of the problem;
         • Everyone shares responsibility for the result;
         • Everyone derive benefits.
Date of establishment of the Foundation: January 25, 2008

Target group:
- Villagers, who develop their private farms and other business activities , including agro-tourism (self-employment and family income) ;
- Farms ;
- Rural entrepreneurs (agricultural production , produce processing industry and other activities ;
- Public , non-profit and commercial organizations carrying out their activities in the rural areas;
- Local and national authorities.

The work of the Foundation aims at helping target groups:
• to increase the level of knowledge and skills in:
- Agricultural technologies (animal breeding , vegetable growing , crop sector, etc.);
- Agricultural economics and business;
- The basics and approaches of rural development ;
- Organizational improvement of rural development ;
- Project management.

• to improve access to resources for the implementation of the initiatives through the creation of  new innovative mechanisms in:
- Information and consulting support (rural development centers, adult education centers , etc.);
- Financial support (micro-credits, return funds ) ;
- Stabilization of sale channels and supply (agricultural cooperatives ) ;
- Legal support (organization and management of agricultural enterprises).

• the development and implementation of the thematic ("Milk", etc.) and regional development projects , including their administration if needed.

Since the establishment of the International Foundation it has been sold 11 short-and long-term projects to the total sum of more than 500,000 euros. Resources for the implementation of projects were provided by: The Association FERT ( France ), UNDP , Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation , the OSCE department in Minsk, the Small Grants Programme of the Global Environment Foundation ( UNDP / UNOPS), the Support Program of German Federal Government for the Republic of Belarus, the European Commission , Representation in Belarus CNFA and other organizations as well as foreign citizens (for example , the program "Trees against poverty" , by Mr. Jannis Karamitsios).

The experience of the International Foundation for the support the initiatives of rural communities was summarized and published in the form of pamphlets , brochures, news releases, etc. For example, the Rural Bragin district, the Rural Slavgorod district, analytical news, etc.

The staff of the International Fund under long-term contracts includes 8 employees who has an experience from 2 to 12 years in the field of rural development. The members of the Foundation staff continually improve their skills by participating in conferences, seminars, trainings both in Belarus and abroad ( Ukraine, France, the USA, etc.)

The Administration of the Foundation ensures effective management of the Organization. From time to time the activities of the financial management of the Foundation are checked by Belarusian and foreign audit firms. The Office of the Foundation is equipped with modern office equipment and communication tools to exercise their statutory activity. All the information about the financial state of the Foundation is regularly published in the media.

The International Foundation is administered by the Governing Body of the Foundation , which is held from 3 to 5 times a year . The operational management of the organization is implemented by the director. Control and audit functions are performed by the Board of Guardians of the Foundation. The financial resources management of the organization ( loans , grants , etc.) is accomplished by the Fund's Advisory Committee .

Chairman of the Board of the International Foundation: Jeanne Ilyankova.
The Director of the International Foundation: Sergey Tarasyuk .

There are branch International Foundation in the Paris, France