The Investment Forums* were held in the Mogilev region for 3 days on February 4 - 6, 2020. These events can be surely considered unique and grandiose as it is the rural communities of the Mogilev region which became the platforms for holding the Forums.On February from 4 to 6, 2020, grandiose events were held for 3 rural localities of the Mogilev region. they became platforms for holding their own Investment forums.

The purpose of local Investment Forums was to demonstrate the initiative group of agro-towns unique local initiatives, as well as opportunities to attract external resources that contribute to the development of business activity, the potential of territories and the growth of the well-being of rural residents in general.

The agro-towns of Dolgoe and Kolbcha, the Klichev district, launched the series  of Investment Forums on February 4-5, 2020. In just 2 days, 30 different local initiatives were presented!

The final Investment Forum was held on February 6, 2020 in the extraordinary agro-town of Gory, Mogilev region.The initiative group of the agro-town demonstrated unique local initiatives to both local residents and guests, which contributed to the growth of business activity and improvement of the quality of life in the rural areas. Moreover, bright and successful practices of implementing various projects were demonstrated.

Sergey Tarasyuk, the director of the International Foundation for Rural Development, stressed that such a Forum is a new format of work: "We have gathered forums for one or several districts at once, developed plans for their development. And now we have decided to work with one specific territory. I want people to share their plans and ideas with their fellow villagers... this is our first attempt  to show people that good ideas at a local level can find support."

A significant contribution to the establishment of international partnership was made by the Skype Conference with a representative from villages in the Netherlands, Caroline de Greeff, who determined the areas of cooperation, in particular, the development of tourist routes and tourism in general.

Also the guests had an opportunity to visit the exhibition of various local products, handicrafts and souvenirs and to taste local gastronomic delights. There were also thematic platforms and a creative program at the forums.

The event demonstrated the opportunities of fund rising that can contribute to the capacity building of the rural territories. 





*The Forum was held within the framework of two projects "Public-private partnership in action", funded by the US State Department under the Small Grants Program of the US Embassy in the Republic of Belarus and the project "Development of the Online-Offline Village Platform Focused on Promoting Rural Tourism in the South-Eastern Part of the Republic of Belarus" with the financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.