Call for proposals for local initiatives opened

On April 17, 2019 Call for proposals "Local Initiatives for Micro-Regions of Development" (hereinafter the Call) opened within the framework of the project "Networking for Improvement of Job Opportunities in the Rural Areas of the Mogilev Oblast"1.

The objective of the Call is to support activities aimed to develop the micro-region and to improve the employment and self-employment rate of the population living on its territory.

The Call consists of two stages: elimination and evaluation.

At the first stage (from April 17 to May 2 inclusive), all self-started people are invited to fill in an application form where it is necessary to characterize the micro-region, describe the positive and negative trends in its development, describe the initiative group, and give a brief description of the initiatives that can be implemented within the territory. A series of trainings on elaboration of micro-regions of development and filling in the application will be held for greater efficiency, competence and response of local residents. This will increase their ability to obtain a higher jury evaluation, according to the criteria. Informing about the results of the competition will take place within 5 days after their approval, on May 10, and will be posted here и The best applications of micro-regions will be invited to participate in the second stage.

At the second stage (May 20 till June 21) the selected micro-regions’ applications will be evaluated. The applications include the description of the initiative which is necessary for the micro-region’s development and also the plan with the priority activities which will be financed if be selected. Summing up will be held in the format of the Fair of Initiatives. At this Fair, the representatives of the initiative groups will present their micro-regions of development. Moreover, they present 3-4 initiatives with the help of which the micro-region will develop and the objectives of Project will be achieved (more information about the Project you can find by clicking here).

The winners of the Call will be provided with the financial support for the implementation of local initiatives in the amount of 3000 to 7000 euros, the average amount of support is about 5000 euros. The outcomes of the local initiatives should be highly sustainable in the short term after the use of the allocated funds.

We are waiting for ideas and ways of solving the actual problems which are mostly connected with unemployment. Initiatives are expected from all the residents of the districts. Only you can create conditions for a better life in your native area!

For more information please contact Martinovich Irina, project coordinator, tel: +375 (44) 780-79-45, or email:

1Project "Networking for Improvement of Job Opportunities in the Rural Areas of the Mogilev Oblast" (NEAR-TS/2017/391-411). The project is funded by the European Union and implemented by the Slavgorod, Bykhov, Klichev, Krasnopole, Cherikov District Executive Committees and the International Foundation for Rural Development. The project registered in the database of programs and projects of the international technical assistance on December 7, 2018, № 2/18/000948.