Congratulations to the winners!

Yesterday, the results of the Competition of the micro-regions of development were announced. 6 out of 20 applications, submitted for the competition, were chosen in the second stage.

The villages Yanovka and Gornaya Zhemchuzhina were selected from those in Krasnopolye District.

 School Forestry of State Educational Institution “Lobanovsky educational and pedagogical complex of kindergarten and pre-primary school "and GORKI were selected from Cherikov district.

In Slavgorod district, the choice was made in favor of the villages Poteryaevka and Golubaya Krynica.

The work on the selected micro-regions will be continued in the second stage of the Competition of Local Environmental Initiatives. From February 23, training sessions on preparation of applications for participation in the “Competition of Local Environmental Initiatives of the development of micro-regions”, will be held in Cherikov, Krasnopolye and Slavgorod districts.

Congratulations to the winners!