Exam passed! Third Fair of Local Initiatives Ends in Krasnopolye. Part 2

A photo exhibition, arrangement of a park and a presentation of start-up projects were organized on the closing day of the third Fair of Local Initiatives, September 23.

The day began with a photo exhibition covering social initiatives in the Krasnopolye, Bykhov, Slavgorod and Klichev districts that preceded an official presentation of the focal initiatives.

The day also saw another significant event–the arrangement of the Sweethearts’ Park. Representatives of the districts and distinguished guests planted young trees, which will be a symbol of friendship and strong relationships for many years.

A presentation of social initiatives was the culmination of the Fair. Member of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Tatiana Kononchuk and Chairman of the Krasnopolye District Executive Committee Igor Balakhonov delivered welcoming speeches and words of severance. Sixteen out of nearly forty initiatives selected at the Fair address a variety of social problems. All of them thus focus on finding solutions to the problems and the further sustainable development of the districts. Seven highlighted start-ups will be supported in the future.

The events were sponsored by the U.S. Embassy Small Grants Program under the project ‘Private-Public Partnership for Sustainable Development of Rural Districts of Belarus’.