The project ‘Bridge’ as a way towards the region’s prosperity

On April 1, 2019 a unique for the Republic of Belarus project "BRIDGE as the Pilot Eco-Business Model for Local and Regional Economic Growth"1 was launched in the Slavgorod district (follow the link to get more information).

The objective of the project is to develop local entrepreneurship in the Slavgorod district, with the involvement of other neighboring Mogilev and Gomel regions.

The target groups of the project are local authorities, small and medium-sized businesses, owners of farmsteads and artisans, as well as ordinary district residents. The project involves the creation and testing on the territory of the sanctuary "Slavgorodsky" pilot business model of the eco-park "Amulet Prisozhiya" (hereinafter Park).

The cornerstone of the business model, and at the same time one of the key tools to achieve the project objective, will be the created the Center for Rural Development and Entrepreneurship (hereinafter Center). Employees of the Center will carry out operational management of the Park, support entrepreneurs, which as a whole improve the conditions for doing business and will increase the number of entrepreneur services, as well as increase local population employment and self-employment rate.

It is expected that under the auspices of the Center the Slavgorod and neighboring areas’ residents including entrepreneurs will annually improve their business skills. Initially, training events will be held at the expense of the project, as well as at the expense of other programs. In the future, to support the activities of the Center, it is planned to conduct training activities for stakeholders on a fee basis, which will provide organization stability.

The active cooperation of local authorities, local communities, small- medium-  and possibly big business in the management and development of the business climate is supposed on the Project territory. This kind of cooperation will allow to interact effectively on a mutually beneficial basis, to introduce innovations and know-how, while demonstrating new approaches in work. Moreover, the successful project implementation will be an example for the development of other micro-regions throughout the country.

The Slavgorod district was chosen for implementing the project, as it is a territory with a number of competitive advantages: unique natural objects, forest resources, great history of the region, the social potential of the population, the experience in the field of project activities - all this creates favorable conditions for economic growth and of no less importance is the fact that it creates the conditions for the project implementation and sustainable development and prosperity of the areas in the future.

To get more information please contact Andrei Yodko, Marketing and Regional Development Specialist, tel. +375 (29) 885-03-31 or e-mail


1Project "BRIDGE as the Pilot Eco-Business Model for Local and Regional Economic Growth" (ENI/2017/392-872) is funded by the European Union and implemented by the Slavgorod District Executive Committee in partnership with the International Foundation for Rural Development and registered in the database of programs and projects of the international technical assistance on February 27, 2019 №2/19/000980. 

This publication was produced with the financial support of the European Union Its contents are the sole responsibility of the International Foundation for Rural Development and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union. To get more information click here.