Project to strengthen public-private partnership launched

On October 1, 2018, the project "Public-Private Partnership in Action" funded by the U.S. Embassy Small Grants Program in the Republic of Belarus was launched. The project is implemented by the International Foundation for Rural Development in partnership with Klichev and Krasnopole District Executive Committees and District Councils of Deputies.

Within the framework of the project, local partners will be assisted in the development and practical implementation of the model of public-private partnership aimed at the sustainable use of the unique potential of natural areas (micro-regions). Such pilot micro-regions of the project include the republican sanctuary "Ostrova Dulebi" in the Klichev district and the Paluzh Reservoir in the Krasnopole district, the Mogilev region.

The project "Public-Private Partnership in Action" is primarily a new opportunity that opens its doors to the local residents, entrepreneurs and organizations to improve the effectiveness of environmental protection measures, increase employment rate and raise the investment attractiveness of the  micro-regions.

The future model of the public-private partnership is based on the vision of the development prospects of the micro-region agreed by the local partners, the organization principles of activities and participation in the development of this territory. The key task to achieve this objective is to create conditions for the multilateral open dialogue and cooperation of local authorities,   business and population for discussing the prospects and conditions for the development of the micro-regions.

The project will focus on developing and strengthening human capacity of the local partners to achieve their development goals. The seminars, trainings and a study visit will be organized at the expense of the project funds in order to develop prospects and conditions for the development of the micro-region, as well as to choose the best form for the organization of the Belarus pilot consortium of partners for the development of the micro-region. All this will help to inform and involve a wide range of stakeholders in the development and implementation of the agreement on public-private partnership for the development of micro-regions.

Since the project areas lack resources, the developed model of the public-private partnership will facilitate, first of all, the mobilization of local resources and, secondly, the attraction of resources of foreign and international partners for the natural objects’ sustainable use. The basis for attracting resources will be the initiatives of the population, entrepreneurs and local authorities, in the development of which they will be provided with expert support by the project specialists.

The event is implemented within the framework of the project "Public-Private Partnership in Action", implemented by the International Foundation for Rural Development with the financial support of the US State Department within the framework of the US Embassy Small Grants Program in the Republic of Belarus (Agreement S-BO492-18-402 of April 10, 2018). The project is registered in the Department of Humanitarian Assistance of the Administrative Department of the President of the Republic of Belarus (certificate No. 03-08/442 of 10.09.2018).

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