On March 5, 2019 a meeting of the Regional Council for the support of local initiatives in the field of sustainable development was held in Slavgorod. The event was held within the framework of the project "Networking for Improvement of Job Opportunities in the Rural Areas of the Mogilev Oblast" (NEAR - TS/2017391-411), funded by the European Union and implemented by the Slavgorod, Bykhov, Klichev, Krasnopole, Cherikov District Executive Committees and the International Foundation for Rural Development.

The meeting of the Regional Council was attended by the members of the Regional Council (the representatives of the Slavgorod, Bykhov, Klichev, Krasnopole, Cherikov districts of the Mogilev region, the International Foundation for Rural Development), the Khotimsk district (that was joined to the Regional Council) and its representatives headed by the Chairman Dmitri Ruban, specialists of the project "Networking for Improvement of Job Opportunities in the Rural Areas of the Mogilev Oblast".

Svetlana Ezerskaya, the Chairman of the Slavgorod District Council of Deputies, made a welcoming speech explaining that Slavgorod district is ready to meet and share experience in the field of project activities.

"More than once the city of Slavgorod became and continues to be a hospitable platform for networking and interregional cooperation for all project participants. Developing our territory, we become richer, more attractive, and, therefore, more beautiful, which will undoubtedly lead to the sustainable development of each district and the region as a whole…"

During the meeting the Regional Council’s results of the work undertaken during the 2018 year was summarized, the updated plan for the current year was presented, the Regional Council Regulation was confirmed, the issues concerning regional cooperation to improve the five districts’ sustainable development were discussed, and finally the opportunities of the partner districts participation in different contests and grants were discussed.

Discussing challenges and opportunities of the project activities, the participants of the meeting highlighted the fact that the Regional Council entered a new level of cooperation and now "…we perceive each other not as rivals but as partners striving to flourish for the sake of our common future…"

Both the number of cooperating territories as well as the spheres of cooperation are expanding. The Plan with the aim of combining the regions’ potential and efforts concerning the elaboration and realization of the joint projects (initiatives) to improve the five partner-districts sustainability of development was presented. This Plan has been elaborated since May, 2017. The uniqueness and novelty of the Regional Plan lies in the fact that for the first time the interaction between the districts is envisaged in the form of model regional projects, where each of the districts plays its unique role.

At the beginning of each year, the powers of the Council Chairman are transferred from one district to another at the meeting of the Regional Council. For example in 2018 the powers belonged to the Klichev district headed by the Deputy Chairman of the Klichev District Executive Committee Aleksey Polovikov, in 2019 the Chairman of the Slavgorod District Council of Deputies, Svetlana Yezerskaya, became the Chairman of the Council.

At the end of the event, the Chairman of the Regional Council Svetlana Yezerskaya summed up the meeting and drew the attention of all present that 2019 year starts under the sign of trust and understanding.

The pilot region is a territory with wide opportunities, and the Regional Council is one of the mechanisms of interaction!

PR specialist,

Irina Martsinovich