“Regional Initiatives Fair in the field of sustainable development”

October 23, 2017 Bykhov, Mogilev region, will host a Fair of regional initiatives in the field of sustainable development, the basis of which was developed by five districts of the Mogilev region: Bykhov, Klichev, Krasnopolsk, Slavgorod and Cherikov. It is expected that other regional districts of Mogilev region will join these regional projects.

The event is held within the framework of “The Weeks of Sustainable Development – 2017” with the support of the FpB 1624 project "Networking and Strategic Planning for Development of Depressed Rural Areas of the Mogilev Region", implemented by Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e. V. (Germany) and the International Foundation for Rural Development with the support of the Belarus Support Program (BSP), funded by the Federal Government of Germany1,  as well as the " Micro-regions Development Workshop" project funded by the Small Grants Programme of the Global Environment Facility in the Republic of Belarus (SGP GEF) and implemented by the International Foundation for Rural Development.

The fair is held to promote initiatives relevant to the sustainable development of rural areas in the Mogilev region and to increase the sustainability of their development. The themes of the initiatives are the following: creative economy and business climate improvement for employment and self-employment growth of rural youth, climate change mitigation and ensuring a "zero balance" of waste, tourism developing, protected areas and use of their potential for regional development, education in the interests in sustainable development for all generations. Initiatives for the Fair were developed by the representatives of local communities, business and non-commercial organizations in partnership with local authorities with the advisory support of leading non-profit and commercial organizations, operating in Belarus.

The fair will be a kind of result of two years of work on mobilization and increasing the potential of the local community of Mogilev district pilot regions to actively participate in the management of local development processes.

The Fair will be attended by representatives of the public and local authorities of seven districts of the Mogilev region, the Economy Committee of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee and the Mogilev Regional Council of Deputies, the Mogilev Regional Committee of Natural Resources and the Environment. Invitations to the Fair were sent to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, UNDP, the German and US Embassies, the Dortmund International Education Center, the GEF Small Grants Program, and many other representatives of leading foreign and Belarusian organizations that can assist, both in implementation of the project and in attracting resources for the implementation of regional projects. It is planned that about 80 people will take part in the Fair of Regional Initiatives.

According to the results of the Fair, it is planned to hold a press conference, which will outline the concept of regional cooperation for the next three years.

1 This project is implemented with the cooperation of Belarus Support Programme (SPB). The Belarus Support Programme is implemented by the Dortmund International Educational Center (IBB Dortmund) on behalf of the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ).

For more information about the project please contact the Project Coordinator: Tarasyuk Sergey Vasilievich, Director of the International Foundation for Rural Development, tel. +375-29-278-61-14 email: info@ifrd.by.. Photos from the event will be published on the website www.ifrd.by.