The training "The use of IT technologies in tourism" was successfully held»

From March 25 to March 31, within the framework of the project " BRIDGE as the Pilot Eco-Business Model for Local and Regional Economic Growth ", an online training was held on the topic "The use of IT technologies in tourism."

The main goal of the training was to train the local community in the use of some IT tools that will increase the quality and efficiency of providing tourist services in the eco-park.

The training was attended by specialists of the Center for Rural Development, the state environmental institution, local specialists in the development of project activities in the Slavgorod district of the Mogilev region, representatives of the department of education, sports and tourism, the department of culture of the Slavgorod district executive committee, owners of agricultural facilities, local entrepreneurs, the project team.

The training took place in online format and was divided into four thematic blocks. The first of them allowed participants to form a general idea of IT and their possible application in the field of tourism. Some technologies were considered in detail:

- QR codes, their creation and application. Participants learned to work independently with the tool:

- GPS and mapping. Participants mastered the technology of forming online maps using the example of the map designer from Yandex;

- Geocaching;

- technology of using photo and video content in online format;

- virtual and augmented reality.

Separately from specific IT tools, the topics of digitalization and automation were discussed.  

In the second and third blocks, participants plunged, in particular, mail services and instant messengers, as well as auxiliary services from Google (forms, documents, tables, notepad). In detail and in the applied format, the tools of TASK-management and CRM-system were studied - the participants of the training were able to get acquainted with the use of these services in the field of tourism.

The final block focused on website designers. During the training, the participants were able to develop one-page sites and form an idea of how they can further improve in this direction.

It was especially useful that all instruments by participants worked out practical. The central case was the case of the eco-park "Amulet Prisozhya." On his example, all the elements of the training were tested.

According to the results of the event, the participants noted the high level of organization and professionalism of the coach, and also expressed the hope that in the future they will be able to receive knowledge applicable in practice. "



1 The project " BRIDGE as the Pilot Eco-Business Model for Local and Regional Economic Growth," a ENI/2017/392-872 funded by the European Union and implemented by the Slavgorod District Executive Committee and the International Rural Development Fund. The project is registered in the database of programs and projects of international technical assistance on February 27, 2019, No. 2/19/000980