Implemented projects

List of projects implemented by IFRD (2008 – 2018)





21. Public-Private Partnership in Action

Project goal is to assist in the designing and practicing of a model of public-private partnership for the development of micro-regions in the south-east of the Mogilev region
15 000 USD

USA Embassy in Belarus

20. Networking and Regional Strategic Planning Development for sustainable development of depressive rural areas of Mogilev region

Project period: 2017-2018

The goal of the project is to assist communities of four depressed rural districts of the Mogilev region in networking and regional strategic planning for development by generating and sharing knowledge, facilitating the information exchange and cooperation among the local authorities, businesses and local communities.

50 020 €

(40 000 – IBB contribution)

IBB, Dortmund

19. Workshop for local initiatives for the development of micro-regions

Project period: 2017-2018

Project goal –   to create a regional mechanism to support micro-projects, respective to priorities of the GEF SGP in Belarus and aimed at the development of micro-region formed around the large natural objects.

68 890

(49 990 – SGP GEF contribution)


18. Private-Public Partnership for Sustainable Development of Rural Districts of Belarus


Project period: 2016

Project goal: to provide assistance of local state & private actors in establishment, operating and integration of efforts of departments for development in the Bihov, Krasnopolie and Slavgorod districts Mogilev region, which will facilitate and coordinate processes for designing and supporting projects to solve the relevant local social, environmental and economic problems.

38 000 USD

USA Embassy in Belarus

17. From Cradle to Development


Project period:  2015-2018

Goal of the project: to strengthen public-state partnership for development of tourism based on cultural traditions, crafts and natural heritage of the Slavgorod district

120 000 euro


16. «Rural development center  "Rhythm"





Project period: 2015

  • Creating the conditions for the involvement of village population to the development of the village Derevnaya Slonim district, Grodno region.
  • Capacity building of villagers to develop and implement initiatives in the social sphere and entrepreneurship.
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles.

13 300 USD


15. Micro-capital grant agreement between the UNDP and the IFRD for the provision of grant funds

Project № 80822 local entrepreneurship and economic development


Project period: 2014-2015

Administrative management of seven local initiatives of individuals and commercial organizations on the rural tourism development.

120 137 USD


14. Improving Local Sustainable Development Strategies and Mechanisms for their Implementation in Two Pilot Districts of Belarus Based on the New National Strategy for Sustainable Development-2030.


Project period: 2014-2016

Project goals: Design and introduction at the level of the district (city) of a model, which would enable the design and implementation of local sustainable development strategies based on the basic provisions of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development-2030 and best international practices

31 446 euro

Support programme for Belarus / IBB (Germany)

13. Trees against poverty and land degradation


Project period: 2014-2015

Project goal – To introduce “green economy” approaches for welfare improvement of low-income families on the territories of the two affected by Chernobyl accident districts of Belarus (Bragin and Krasnopolie).

49 939 USD


12. Production and promotion of local brands of organic agricultural product, private holdings of Bragin region

Project period: 2014

The goal of the project is to implement environmentally sound technologies of recycling and usage of organic fertilizers for the development of new ecologically clean agricultural (organic) production for the region.

10 000 euro

Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (Hungary)

11. Trees against poverty in Bragin district of Belarus

Project period: 2013

Aim of project: to improve living standards of poorest rural people in Bragin district of Belarus

8000 euro

Mr. Ioannis KARAMITSIOS (private contribution)

10. Territorial Approach for Village Development (TerrAVillD)


Project period: 2011-2014

The goal of the project: introduction and adaptation of the territorial approach as a decision-making mechanism for tackling of rural community’s economic and social problems to enhance attractiveness of rural regions.

240 317euro

European Commission

9. Organization of the mobile self-moving ferry on the river Pripyat between Stolin and Luninez districts


Project period: 2010-2011

Project aim: arrangement and installation of a self-moving pontoon ferry on the river Pripyat for reduction of СО2 emissions by the motor transport and related negative climate change effects, as well as improvement of conditions for development of Mid-Pripyat Republican Landscape Reserve.

25 800 USD


8. Prevention of arable lands from degradation by muck soil usage from rehabilitating pond

Project period: 2010-2011

The objective is to strength capacity of private farm in restoration and reclamation of the circulating water reservoir and sapropels application to farm lands

24 199USD

GEF Implementing Agencies – UNDP, UNEP and the World Bank – and executed by UNOPS

7. Enhancing Human Security in the Chernobyl Affected Areas of Belarus

Project period: 2010-2012

The overall goal of the project is to comprehensively enhance human security in Chernobyl affected communities. Residents will be given the means to improve their income security, to minimise radiation exposure and to maintain healthy practices.

370 302 USD

UNDP country office, Belarus, Minsk

6. Stolin Consultancy Service for Vegetable growing

Project period: 2010-2011

The Project Purpose is to provide Stolin district smallholders engaged in vegetable production with access to consultancy, information, and diagnostic services

17 996 euro


5. Youth Entrepreneurship Empowerment in the Slavgorod District


Project period: 2010-2011

The Project Purpose is to give the rural youth better opportunities and enhance their skills in development and effective implementation of economic initiatives by rendering information, advisory, and financial support. The project envisages support to economic initiatives in the area of agricultural production (vegetable-growing, animal production etc.) and entrepreneurship (agro-tourism, development of service infrastructure: personal services, photos service, car repair etc.).

7 998 euro


4. Support to the initiatives of the rural population for the development of vegetable culture and animal breeding in the district of Bragin

Project period: 2010

The Project Purpose is to enhance the agro-producers’ hand-on experience in vegetable and livestock farming in private farms and smallholdings of the Bragin district owing to introduction of advanced technologies

21 100 euro


3. Open Window


Project period: 2010-2011.


Project goal: Furtherance of emerging role of rural communities by promoting their awareness of positive experiences in rural development gathered, generalized, and systematized in a uniform information space – the Information Resource Center (IRC).

25 000 euro

Support programme for Belarus / IBB (Germany)

2. Building up the capacities of rural development institutions for expanded support to socioeconomic initiatives of Stolin and Slavgorod district communities

Project period: 2009-2010.

Goal of the project is to find out opportunities for building up the capacities of rural development agencies for expansion of support to social and economic initiatives of rural communities of the Stolin and Slavgorod districts.

15 900 euro

Association FERT

1. Improvement of the Quality of Life of the Rural Population Through Support to Development of Smallholdings

Project period: 2008-2009.

The goal of the project is to improve the quality of life of rural communities of the Slavgorod district by progression of skills at joint implementation of projects and increase in smallholdings production efficiency.

345 350 000 bel.rubles

SDC(Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation)