Сurrent projects

1. Landscape oriented and community led rural area development of Yaselda River

Implementation period: 2019-2022

Project objective: to enhance the capacity of the local authorities for community led sustainable development of the Yaselda river area, an IBА (the area important for birds) Ramsar Site

747.549 EUR EU

2. Bridge as the pilot eco-business model for local and regional development

Implementation period: 2019-2021

Project objective: to stimulate the economic development of local entrepreneurship in the Slavgorod district of the Mogilev region

655,744 EUR EU

3.  Project: Networking for Improvement of Job Opportunities on the Rurak Areas of the Mogilev Oblast

Implementation period: 2019-2021

Project objective: to promote competitiveness of the rural areas of the Mogilev region through networking with the aim to improve the sustainability of their development. 

672 015 EUR


4. Project: Public-private partnership in action

Implementation period: 2017-2019

Project objective: to promote the development and practical implementation of the partnership model for the development of micro - regions in the South-Eastern area of the Mogilev region

15 000 USD

USA Embassy in Belarus

5. Project: Development of online-offline village squares with special focus on promotion of development of rural tourism in south-east Belarus

Implementation period: 2019-2020

Increasing participation of local initiative groups in rural tourism and village development in general

9 660 EUR

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Netherlands)